In Winter
by J. Coalhouse Lewis
An unforgettable experience
Spare Change
Poetry and
Inappropiate Musings
by J. Coalhouse Lewis
Extraordinary Poetry
& Short Stories
by J. Coalhouse Lewis
Writing is what I do
To Write
by J. Coalhouse Lewis
Laying it down as it comes to mind, inspired by the environment and the people.
To clear the mind
Quiet surrondings, soft relaxing music, running water over rocks relaxes the mind.
My newest book of poetry coming to a book store near you

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J. "Coalhouse" Lewis

Author of poems & short stories.

Explore the writings of J. Coalhouse Lewis, extraordinary poetry, Short Stories in Rare Form. If you enjoy a good Poetry Slam, then you've come to the right website. Somehow the author has a way of expressing his thoughts that enhances the reality of life so you can see the things you missed. The short stories take you there as if you were witnessing what he's writing about. Bringing everyday life experiences from darkness to light. The things we never really notice in our quest to survive are brought to the surface.

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Spare Change, Poetry and Inappropriate Musings


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January, 2018

Book Release

Book Release

February, 2018

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Supper Bowl LIII Madness

February, 2018

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1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Valentines Day Massacre

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